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And the Winner is...

Based on the season performances of both CMC and Lamar Jackson, we knew going into this game that it was going to be a wild one. Which star player was going to show up? Would these two stars cancel each other out, forcing both teams to rely on the rest of their rosters??

Well it should be no surprise that this match was one of the highest scoring championship games we've ever seen. It was an exciting performance all the way through the Sunday games with Alvin Kamara finally showing up and scoring touchdowns for Count Dracula. With one game to go, Packers Vikings on Monday night, Count Dracula was just under 23 points behind Angela Baker's Unit with Adam Thielen still to play. One of the biggest wide receivers in the past few seasons, a 23 point game wasn't out of the question for Thielen.

Unfortunately, for Count Dracula the Packers defense had different ideas. Kirk Cousins upheld his reputation of failing on MNF and the Vikings only managed to barely put up 10 points, leaving Thielen with 0 catches and 2 yards rushing - a meager 0.2 points for the week. A crushing defeat for Count Dracula, but a major victory for Angela Baker's Unit.

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