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2016 Season

Final Standings

1st - Adolf's Smoke House (Stefan Siwula)

2nd - Fu King Chinese (Dave Fiorella)

3rd - Pedro's Wall Builder (Ed "Pops" Siwula)

4th - Rice Boxing Emporium (Eddie Carlin)

5th - Harambes Babysitting (Steve Clark)

6th - The Hindenburger (Jared Holcomb)

7th - Unlimited Erections (Tom Siwula)

8th - Dick Trickle OB/GYN (Dylan McGarry)

9th - C. Robin's Taxidermy (Lee Siwula)

10th - PenIsland (Justin Kenward)

11th - Kum & Go Food Mart (Steve Colon)

12th - Hung Lo's Asian Cafe (Susan Holcomb)


Winner's Bracket

Loser's Bracket

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