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2020 Rules Changes & Constitution Completion

The MFFL League Council met earlier than usual this year to accommodate the departure of our current Champion. As everyone knows, the League Council gets together every Off-Season in order to review the current state of the MFFL and implement any changes they deem to be necessary. Based on those discussions here are the changes that will be implemented for the 2020 season:

If there are any Managers who have questions on these upcoming changes you can reach out to me and I'd be happy to try and describe them better.

In addition to this I've also finally completed the official League Constitution. It took us almost 20 years, but we finally now have all of our rules in writing! This will be used as a future referral point for all complaints and discussions. For those who fall in the TL:DR category you can find a summary of changes at the very end of the document.

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