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Malvern Bowl XIX

With Week 15 in the books the scene is set for Malvern Bowl XIX aka the "What Have We Done?!" Bowl. With the league's 20th season fast approaching, we decided to take it upon ourselves to have a good laugh at Tom's expense. Despite being one of the league's founding three members, he had not once come close to winning the most important title - league champion! With this fire motivating his season he managed to work his way into the #1 seed and now is just one win away from the prize that has eluded him all these years...

Tom, the owner behind the team Angela Baker's Unit, was in a close race all season long for the top points title, but never managed to get a weekly top score until the semi-finals. Putting up an impressive 163.72 points, Angela Baker's Unit was able to hold off the notorious luck of Pennywise the Clown who managed to push the 6th seed team into a position to potentially win a 5th title. The driving force behind Tom's championship journey is none other than Christian McCaffery, our 2019 first overall pick. So far this season CMC is currently second overall in points and averaging almost 30 a game. It'll be a big test for Tom's star running back as the Carolina Panthers face off against a tough Colts defense that's allowing the 7th fewest points to the position.

On the other side of the field is our last hope to avoid the 5th Siwula championship in a row is Rico, manager of team Count Dracula, and this year's dark horse. This is a team that had bad luck matches all season long, repeatedly facing off against top scoring teams despite solid showings, and has fully justified the decision to swap to a double header scoring system this year. Based on Yahoo standings alone he went 6-7 and would not have made the playoffs, but thanks to double header scoring Rico not only made playoffs, but managed a solid showing and taking our 5th seed. Count Dracula managed to reach the championship game on the back of a nail-biting win thanks to a huge game from his MVP Lamar Jackson. With his third 5 touchdown performance of the year, Lamar Jackson, put up 48 fantasy points and accounted for over a third of Count Dracula's entire score this week. With an astounding 5 games of 40+ points, Jackson will be looking for revenge against a Cleveland defense that is currently ranked 16th in fewest points allowed to quarterbacks, and that handed the Ravens one of their only two losses on the season.

In the end I'm sure it comes as no big surprise that these players have carried their teams through to the final match, but it's going to take more than just these two to bring home the title. So in a game of David versus Goliath, LJ versus CMC, will Count Dracula be able to take the title and save us all or have we sealed our own fate by motivating Angela Baker's Unit into finally achieving success??

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