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The Website is Up!

The idea of a league website was something that I had kicked around for a few years. Those long-term members might remember a time, back in the range of 2006 through 2009 where we briefly had a league forum. It was used to maintain league information including our custom schedules and standings. While the information that was there has been lost to the ages, the idea of putting a league website together lived on!

Thankfully, I get a bit of a break from work at the end of each year and decided it was finally time. As we approach the 2020/2021 season our league is getting ready to celebrate our 20th year. Keeping a fantasy football league together that long is something that we take a lot of pride in around here - so to help celebrate that fact I finally got a website up and running!

Come In, Make Yourself Comfy!

As you may or may not know, I've spent a good deal of time over the years tracking information about our league so you know there's plenty of good stuff to see here! Here are some of the things you can find on our new website:

Members Pages

I've given each league member (past and present) their own page. On each page not only can you find details about how league members have performed on a yearly basis, but there is also stat information relating to overall performance. You can check out what records members hold and where they stand versus other members on categories such as playoff appearances, overall record, and even find out who their biggest rival is in the league. Additionally, I've taken the time to go through all the available rosters since 2004 to figure out what each person's All-Star team looks like.

Seasons Pages

In the seasons pages you'll find information relating to final standings, brackets, and even what that year's draft looked like. Unfortunately, some of this information is either lost to time or inaccurate as there were a few years where we used our own schedule and brackets. So for better or worse only the most recent seasons (where I can ensure the information is accurate) get their own pages.

Record Book

The most important thing on this page is the full list of league records and who currently holds those positions, but I've gone a step further. For those who are interested in data, like myself, I've included copies of several files that I use to track records and other league data. Some of this information was previously kept updated on Google Docs, but now you can find it all on our league website. The documents will still be kept up-to-date on Google Docs since it provides an easy way to access the data, but you'll find more files available to you here than there.

League Info

We've run this league over almost 20 years based on members having a gentleman's agreement over league rules. Some of these can be seen through Yahoo settings, but finally I've taken the time to put it all down in writing. This means that it is easier to show rules to potential future league members and there will be a direct reference point for any possible rules conflicts.

So that's it! Hopefully you guys enjoy this and take some time to browse around. If anyone finds anything they think is an error let me know so I can make corrections and keep the information here as accurate as possible (even if it's just a spelling error).

- The Commish

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